(Almost) Free class on Ruby on Rails

I will be hosting a free Ruby on Rails “tutorial and hack session” in mid to late November. This will be an intensive session for those who want to get up to speed on Rails quickly. We will learn the basics of Rails, and do some actual work on an Open Source app, so learning will be balanced by doing, and people should leave the session feeling pretty comfortable that they can move forward on their own.

Tentatively it will be from 10 am to 10 pm on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. I think 12 hours is long enough to get something significant done, but short enough that it won’t be totally mind-blowing. We’ll order out for lunch and dinner, so it would help if people could throw a few bucks into the pot to help me defray those costs.

But other than chipping in for food, and doing some work on an open source app, the whole thing won’t cost you a penny — at least for those who can bring their own computer. For those who can’t I believe we will be able to provide pre-set-up computers for you to use, but there will be a small fee to defray the costs of providing that service.


Update: There seems to be enough interest, and I’ve found a place for us to meet, so the date is confirmed! We’ll be meeting November 19th, from 10 am untill about 10 pm.

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  1. 1Anonymous

    Do you have an open source project in mind? Or a general domain in which the project will sit?

    Clearly we’re looking at a web app of some sort. It would be nice if it somehow took advantage of the strengths that sets Ruby apart.

  2. I don’t know which open source app would work best, I am looking through the existing Rails applications on the list on the Rails web site. My main criteria are that the application be 1) simple enough for people who are new to Rails to understand in one sitting, and 2) have a couple of significant improvements that coule be made durring the class.

    If anybody has any suggestions, let me know.

  3. 3Anonymous

    If anyone attending your class is looking for rails hosting, the DREAMRAILS promo at Dreamhost will save $97 (one year prepaid for $22.40.)

    TextDrive provides free hosting for open-source projects should you decide to develop a new app.

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