Continuation servers

Over on IBM Developer works, Bruce Tate (author of Beyond Java) talks about another innovative web framework written in an little used dynamically typed language — Seaside in Smalltalk. Smalltalk is the granddaddy of all object oriented languages, but it has never really broken out of its niche and become a mainstream programming language. Anyway, based what I’ve seen in seaside I am excited by the idea of continuation based web servers, and so I am doubly excited to see what happens when Peter Hunt and the other folks from Subway port CherryFlow (their continuation based server) to TurboGears.

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  1. This is late coming in, but I just now got on Planet TG.

    The improvements in Python 2.5 wrt generators (the ability to resume generators with arguments) should make both coroutines and continuations possible.

    Cherryflow itself doesn’t need much porting (or it didn’t when I wrote the wiki entry on it). Unless they changed it, you could get it installed and use it directly, as phunt made it to work on cherrypy itself and not necessarily Subway.

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