TurboGears One Page Reference

I’ve been writing TurboGears applications again reciently and I a quick API reference to hang off of my monitor, so I could just get down to work without having to look things up all the time.

This is a work in progress, but I thought it might be useful to a wider audience.

This is a rough draft based on the things I kept forgetting, plus the things that I thought I might keep forgetting. If you have any ideas for more information that should be on here, I’d be more than happy to add them as we go.

Update: I’ve updated the guide quite a bit, the newer, and much nicer, quick reference guide is here.

11 Responses to “TurboGears One Page Reference”

  1. 1Renzo

    Thank you Mark,
    it’s a great idea!

  2. Small typo throughout the doc:

    “uneque” should be “unique”

    Otherwise, a great start! Now that I know about this, if I come up with anything that I find I’m using a lot that isn’t there I’ll post a comment here. :)

  3. also “dbname” should be “dbName”. And to set an attribute it isn’t “u(name=’Johnny’)” but “u.set(name=’Johnny’)”

  4. 4Mark Ramm

    Oops! Good catch Splee and Ian! These typos are fixed now.


  5. Thanks, some minor typos:
    In the Model Classes part I think QLObject should have an extra S :-) and a couple of parantesis on the BLOBCol and StringCol.

    Also, what kind of license does it have?

    - jp

  6. 6Stephan

    Great idea! Hopefully you’ll keep this quickref up to date. :-)

  7. Hi, suffers from “Grid Jail”, I’m going to attempt a nicer visual layout in photoshop…

  8. Sorry, forgot to add, well done, very useful!!
    I’m just gonna try to make the grid 50% grey (or omit it altogether) bold the left column text, and bring the right column closer to the left.

  9. 9Mark Ramm

    I am working on getting this into Adobe inDesign where I can tweak the look and feel of it, and fit some more stuff in.

    I plan to post another draft in word form tommorow, with the designed version comming on Monday.


  10. Is it “PickelCol” or “PickleCol”?

  11. 11Mark Ramm

    It’s PickleCol. Thanks for catching the Typo, I’ll fix the document this morning.


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