Fast Track Project Management on TuboGears

Optio software has released the Fast Track Project management application under an MPL license. I’ve got a SVN checkout of the code on my desktop right now and it looks like it will be very useful in a couple of different ways.

Project PreviewThe key to good project management is communicating clearly.

I think Fast Track is right on target, in terms of Project Management
theory — project management is about expectations, risks, and
commitment. FastTrack is a tool to facilitate project communication — not a tool to create gantt charts or work breakdown structures. I know some people who live and die by these tools, but think they usually do little more than get in the way of communication, and restrict your ability to adapt to changes in the project over time. In other words they make project management harder. Fast Track on the other hand is all about communicating various project status information in human language. Unlike other project management tools, Fast Track is makes sense to me, and is a tool I want to use.

The fast track code looks good.

I have a SVN checkout of the code on my desktop right now. So far it looks clean, usable, and easy to understand.

If you are new to TurboGears, and you want to understand how real applications are written, this is a great example.

In fact, if all goes well FastTrack will be one of main sources for real world example code in the TurboGears book that Kevin and I have been working on.

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  1. Thanks for the props Mark! I really hope that you guys do end up using Fast Track in your book. We really want Fast Track to become a model application for TurboGears developers.

    In my opinion, Fast Track is less of a project management application, and more of a communication tool. We found that all of the things that are associated with “project management tools” were MS Word templates, charts, graphs, and other complexities. When we started moving toward agile processes and were still using these kinds of things, it didn’t make any sense! Instead, we use a commercial web app for holding our user stories and iteration tracking, and allow Fast Track to be used to communicate from the bottom up, so that everyone from the developers to senior management to sales people will be on the same page when it comes to project status.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy Fast Track!

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