TurboGears DVD avalable soon, pre-order now!

Kevin Dangoor, creator of th TurboGears framework, has just announced that his DVD is available for pre-order.

DVD-SampleYou can help accelerate the growth of TurboGears, and kickstart your own learning process by buying the DVD.

I’ve been working with Kevin on the upcoming TurboGears book for the last few months, and I really respect his insight into how to make the web development experience better. Even if you don’t use TurboGears, I think you will learn something valuable about web development, ajax, and python from this DVD.

Not only that, I think yo’ll have fun watching this DVD. Kevin’s Effective Ajax with TurboGears talk was entertaining and extremely well received at PyCon 2006, and he definitely knows how to put together a good presentation. I’ve seen snipits of what he is doing, and all I can say is — “WOW, this really takes screencasting to a new level.”

And, as if that wasn’t enough incentive, buying this DVD can help accelerate the progress of the TurboGears framework, by allowing Kevin to work full time on TurboGears development, documentation, and project management.

Not only that, but if you order now, you’ll have the opportunity to get your name or company logo in the credits. So, you can learn cool new stuff, show your support for the framework, and get some publicity of your own.toolbox

Sounds like a good deal to me!

Oh, and if you sign up for the premium version you get this cool Toolbox too, along with your logo in the credits.

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  1. 1walter

    back on turbogears website, dvd link just points back to page. How does one order the DVD??

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