TurboGears article on IBM Developer Works

There’s a brand new article on TurboGears available on Developer Works. It looks like a great article, with an interesting comparison between Django and TurboGears.

This just highlights something I’ve been saying: diversity is a good thing in the Python web programming world, as long as the choices are all reasonably good (you won’t be screwed if you make the “wrong” choice), and the trade-off’s are made clear up front. Rather than say there are too many web frameworks, we ought to:

  1. Admit that some of them aren’t maintained anymore, or are otherwise not viable options for new projects.
  2. Write good documentation, including good comparisons between them — so that it is easy to see which one framework best fits your needs and style.

2 Responses to “TurboGears article on IBM Developer Works”

  1. 1chuck

    Usable error feedback is still nonexistent in TG: use malformed XML or typo a variable and you still get raw tracebacks. For this reason, it’s hard to recommend TG to a group that isn’t intimately familiar with python, let alone TG internals.

  2. Chuck,

    The error feedback story in TurboGears could use some work, but things are getting better. I expect things like Eval Exception to come to TurboGears in the next major release (whenever that is…)

    But I don’t really think it’s as terrible as you make it sound.

    Usually the tracebacks make sense and point to the right place. And anybody who’s done programming for more than a few weeks has probably learned how to handle traceback data in a moderately sane way.

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