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I’ve worked with Linux Magazine in the past, and it’s always a pleasure. But this time it’s been great, because I got to talk about all the cool stuff in TurboGears 1.0 beta. It’s only a few pages, so I couldn’t cover everything that I’d like to, but it should give people an idea of what they can do with TurboGears, and hopefully introduce a few new people to the project.

In the article I talk a bit about a project I’ve been thinking about for several weeks, which uses TurboGears to create a ticket tracker based on my ideas of how to use David Allen’s Getting Things Done system in a group setting.

Project-Page-01.jpgIt’s called Action Flow, and the idea behind it is to make it easy to capture all of the next actions for all of your projects in a simple system outside of your head. The difference between this and other similar systems is that it is designed to track actions and projects for individuals and groups in the same free-flowing self-organizing way that Agile Software projects are run.

I personally want to use it to run an IT department, and track all the various tasks and projects we have going. It’s not there yet, but as I finish up the final edits on the book I should have more time to work on this project.

I’m also hoping that it will be a good place for new folks to Open Source and TurboGears to get involved on the ground floor of a project that’s very welcoming to anybody interested, even if you don’t have experience. Learning experiences are generally effective to the extent that they require active participation from everybody involved, so I think this will a great way to learn more about web development and TurboGears.

So, if you’re new to TurboGears, new to Python, or just want to help, feel free to join the mailing list and introduce yourself. We’ll be nice, and help you get involved and get learning TurboGears the fastest way possible, by working with other people on a real project!

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  1. 1John M. Camara

    Mark – The Linux Magazine link is not correct. You missed the ‘L’ in Linux.

  2. Thanks John,

    I fixed the article, with the proper link.


  3. On the first glance, it looks like a very nice idea. I’ll need to try it out.

  4. Nice job on the article. It was a good read.


  5. 5C Sellers

    Mark – nice job on the article. Good overview yet there was plenty of meat to chew.

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