Python at the Java Users Group — Tuesday November 7th

radical_pythonI promise, it’s not your father’s Python presentation. I’ve been invited to talk to the local Java Users group about the things you can do with Python.

I’ve been working on my presentation, and it looks like it should be fun! If you’re in Ann Arbor, and looking for some good clean dynamic language fun, stop on by the AAJUG on Tuesday November 7th.

2 Responses to “Python at the Java Users Group — Tuesday November 7th”

  1. Coincidentally, I had been invited to give a similar talk to local JUG as well on Nov 11 ( I wonder, what you’re going to talk about? My talk is titled “Python and web” and I’ll try to give a review on what’s going on in Python w.r.t. Web development.

  2. Ah, nevermind my question; I found the answer on aajug site.

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