Bad Day/Good Day

It’s been a grueling week trying to wrap things up at my old job and at the same time get my new software development and consulting company off of the ground.

I’m definitely tired, and it seemed like everything that could break at work broke. Then I got home and was working when the TV in the living room made a loud popping noise and started smelling like burned electrical components.

But then I saw Kevin’s post that the book we just published is the 21st most popular technical book on Amazon. I checked out our sales rank, and we’ve also cracked the top 1000 in all books. That means we’re more popular than any other Web Framework, Python, or Java book, and more popular than Tom Clancy novels.

I know it won’t last, but it does make the day better. :) Thanks everybody!

4 Responses to “Bad Day/Good Day”

  1. congrats (on the book spot) not the tv or old job

  2. 2Mike

    Now that the book is out and your rich you can buy a new HD plasma TV!! *grins.

    great job, I can’t wait to get my copy on Monday!

  3. 3Chow

    I have got your book for almost a month and a half by now. I’ve look through the book’s web site for adendum. Maybe I am a slow starter, I got stuck at around section 4.3 (p.g.55). Is there any community on the web that we can share and discuss about the book?

  4. 4Charles McCreary

    I’ve been going through the book in and I have found numerous typos in the code. Is it safari? It’s interesting how fast and deep you can learn by debugging the examples.

    Is there a wiki version of the book that I could edit?

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