Code Mash

CodeMashLogoSome friends of mine are putting together a non-denominational developers conference called code-mash in Ohio this January.

Looks like Python and Ruby are both going to have a good number of talks. I’ll be talking about SQLAlchemy, which is the best object relational mapper I’ve ever seen. There’ll be talks about Test Driven Development in Python, Enterprise Architectural Patterns for Python developers, along with lots of cool talks about Lean Software Development, the side benefits of Test Driven development.

You can still submit a talk proposal before November 30th, and you’ll get free room and board. I think it would be great to see somebody talk about Dabo and Desktop application Development in Python, and they seem to be missing any talk about OSX/Cocoa stuff, which I’m sure is because they haven’t had any proposals yet.

It would also be nice to see a good cross platform development with Mono talk…

I’m really excited by the opportunity to get developers of all kinds together and talk about how to be productive and learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of the various tools/frameworks people are using.

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  1. Very cool, I saw this a while ago and I was just going to see if you were planning on going. Guess so. :)

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