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Python and TurboGears in Chicago

I’ve been invited to come over to Chicago and do a little half day TurboGears tutorial next Thursday. The target audience doesn’t have much python experience, so I’ll be talking a bit about the Python you need to know to use TurboGears effectively.

I’m not sure how you can sign up for the training, but if you’re interested shoot me an e-mail at mark.ramm at gmail-dot-com and I’ll try to hook you up with the organizer.

I’ll also be doing an introductory talk on Web Application Development with TurboGears at the Chicago Python Users Group that day. So, feel free to stop on by. I’ve also heard a rumor that Ian Bicking is finally ready to present the one true mega-mega framework. So, if you don’t like TurboGears, you may be interested in hearing more about ZjangoGears.

TurboGears at PyCon!

It looks like my Tutorial Proposal for PyCon was accepted!

logo-2007-sitemasthead.png I’ll be doing a full day on TurboGears, and I’ll be covering database programming, Ajax, and everything between. The morning session will focus more on the basics of TurboGears application developemnt, but the afternoon will dive into Ajax and other advanced topics.

I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve, and so I’m hoping that it will be a rocking good time for everybody.

Of course, The full list of Tutorial tracks is available, and the lineup this year looks fantastic: Jacob Kaplan-Moss will be doing a day-long introduction to Django which should be very interesting, Johnathan Elis is leading an SQLAlchemy presentation which will rock, and of course there will be an updated and reprized edition of the Titus Brown / Grig Gheorghiu testing tutorial which packed the house last year.

I know, I know. I left out fantastic tutorials on COM automation, the DBAPI, coding for performance, zc.buildout, programing idioms in python, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. As I said, I think the lineup is fantastic, and there’s bound to be something useful for everybody.