TurboGears Tutorial update

Wow, that was fast, when I looked saturday, there were only 11 people signed up for the TurboGears Tutorial, but as of this morning, the Introduction to TurboGears tutorial at pycon is now full.

There are still a couple of seats left in the Advanced Tutorial, where we’ll be talking about Ajax and MochiKit. We’ll also be covering some of the features you can already import from the __future__ of TurboGears — SQLAlchemy, and Genshi.

It’s really gratifying to see the interest in TurboGears, and I’ll be working hard to make this the best Tutorial I can.

2 Responses to “TurboGears Tutorial update”

  1. Dear Mark,

    Any chance of having an online training course on Turbogears?

    I live in Jersey, Channel Islands, off the coast of Normandy (France).

    Being in an island, an online course would be excellent.

    Kind regards,


  2. There’s an online learning group/class starting next month (June 2007). See my more recent blog postings for more details.

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