Discuss the TurboGears book online

Due to popular demand, I’ve created a new google group for discussion/commentary on Rapid Web Applications with TurboGears, yhttp://groups.google.com/group/tgbook

One nice thing addition to Google Groups recently is the Pages feature, which lets me put up wiki version of the errata for the book. Now if you find a typo, you can edit the wikified errata page yourself. I’ll try to go through that page regularly and update the main TurboGears book website with “official, sanctioned” errata. But, there’s no reason people should have to wait for me to verify something before they can benefit from it.

If you think of new pages which you think need to be created, you can create them at will.

3 Responses to “Discuss the TurboGears book online”

  1. using TG 1.0.1 clicking on the links in the bookmark
    example produces the following:
    (this did not happen in an earlier version of TG)
    any solutions to remove the /localhost:8080/ ?
    BTW: the database entry is http://www.theLink.com

    ps; using FC5

  2. Dave, you need to include the http:// when defining the bookmarks, I believe this behavior is consistent in all the 1.x alpha and beta releases so far.


  3. Thank You Mark!


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