Learn Web 2.0 Development with TurboGears

I’ve been swamped lately, starting a new company and a new job, and a couple new book projects.

But I really want to start running some online classes again.


I’d like to help people who are facing the learning curve of Web 2.0. Perhaps you’ve done some basic web stuff, but the thought of HTML+CSS+JavaScript+ServerFramework seems like it’s too much to learn on your own. My theory is that it’s better to learn in groups, so what I hope to do is organize some online classes which bring together groups of people who are interested in helping each other learn all this web 2.0 stuff.

I have some basic materials from the PyCon 2007 tutorials on TurboGears, which should supliment the book to provide plenty of material for the server side stuff. And we can use some existing resources for the HTML, CSS and JavaScript stuff.

I’d also be interested in doing a local class in the South East Michigan area on a couple successive Saturdays — but I need a good location, so if you’re in the area, and want to help make this happen drop me an e-mail at (mark at compound thinking dot com).

I’m still getting getting the website setup for all of this, and how I’ll be able to manage the bandwidth requirements of the class. An the class will be “free,” except that I’m going to ask people to pledge to volunteer some time on either a local charity, or working on some open source project.

This will be a learning experience for me too, so if you’ve done something like this before, feel free to e-mail me with whatever tips you might have (mark dot ramm at gmail dot com).

And if you’re interested in taking the class, watch hear for final details sometime next week.

9 Responses to “Learn Web 2.0 Development with TurboGears”

  1. This would be cool and I’d be happy to help with bandwidth and such. My poor dedicated box isn’t doing enough work at the moment. :) I don’t have a good location, but perhaps if we did a donation system we could rent the space that MUG uses at the library. It’s plenty of space, but then you’d need to have people bring laptops ready to go.

  2. I’ve been asking around for exactly this.

    I know how to code real good, but I haven’t made a web page since 1998. CSS didn’t even exist then. It was awesome – you wanted something bold, you just used a tag.

    By the time I got back to it (2-3 years ago), things had gotten so complicated, I had no idea where to start. I still haven’t started. Thank god for my developers. ;)

    A bit of coverage of DOM/XML might be nice too.

  3. Ha ha, that’s funny. Please read the formatting as: <b>

  4. 4alex dante

    This would be great, as an app dev suddenly dumped onto a TurboGears project, I’m finding it difficult to locate examples of TG projects doing anything other than basic data entry.

    Models and controllers I’ve got, what I’d really like is something that focuses on more complex and natural behaviour in the view.

  5. Would this class be too advanced for Python newbs?

  6. AG,

    I think we should be able to accommodate people new to python.

    In fact, I think learning python is going to be one of the easiest parts of the whole class. The whole cross-browser CSS/Javascript/DOM scripting thing is definitely a steeper learning curve than the python syntax.


  7. Hmm, -1 python newbies…

  8. 8Chris Manning

    Wow…this sounds like just what I’ve been looking for. Are you still planning on pursuing this?

  9. 9Osaetin

    Well, lets start off then. I’m really interested in learing Web 2.0. I need it for a project I’m doing now and it would not be too easy learning on my own.

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