TG Status update

TurboGears 2.0 development is moving forward at a good pace, and I’m really looking forward to all the good things it will bring. A week ago I ported the 20 min wiki to TG2 in just a few minutes, and all the template and model code survived 100% intact, with just a couple of import changes in the model.

There were a few more changes to the controller code, but even those amounted to just a very small handful of changed lines, (basically just replacing raise redirect with the new redirect_to() function, a few changed imports, and a new base class for the root controller) so it looks like the transition shouldn’t be hard.

Of course there’s quite a few TurboGears features that the 20 min Wiki doesn’t use, so there’s bound to be more work to do. But, we really want to provide a nice smooth upgrade path and we’re definitely moving in the right direction.

And for those worried that TG2 development will be taking all our energy away from maintenance and development on the 1.x line, I think the last couple of weeks prove that the tg1.x line is doing better than ever. Since his appointment as the maintainer of the 1.x line Florent Aide, has been polishing up the 1.0.3 release with a huge number of bugfixes and small enhancements. And some good work has already gone into the 1.1 branch, which will by default use Genshi (which provides a remarkably Kid like syntax) and SQLAlchemy, which provides a much more flexible Object Relational Mapping layer. Kid and SQLObject will continue to be supported, but this release will push the next generation of components.

I’m very excited to see the renewed effort being provided to support of the 1.x line — it provides a great development environment now, and we are commited to continuing to maintain and extend it in the future.

At the same time, I’m loving some of the contributions that Fred and others have been providing to the TG2 codebase, which provides great preview of where we’re headed.

4 Responses to “TG Status update”

  1. 1Chad Crabtree

    I’m curious do you believe TG2 will be easier to deploy on commodity web hosts?

  2. I think it will be a little easier, mod_python support should be better, mod_wsgi will be better supported, and there will be less python packages required to run tg2.

    However, the best case scenario for a TurboGears 2 install requires that commodity web hosts allow long running processes, or install mod_wsgi, and most still don’t. :(

  3. 3Hamish Lawson

    You said: “Kid and Genshi will continue to be supported”. Did you mean instead Kid and SQLObject?

  4. Hamish,

    You got it right. I’ve corrected the text in the article.

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