Undo, it’s the right kind of cool for your app!

I still keep seeing lots of web applications which use pop-up alerts to make sure users don’t accidentally do something “terrible.” Occasionally that’s OK, but most of the time what you really want to do is make users feel comfortable with your UI, and big scarry warnings are the oposite of safe and comfortable.

And in lots of cases, undo is way better, users can fix things themselves, and they don’t have to worry that their actions are irreversible. Here’s a good blog post about how to implement simple undo functionality for your ajax based TurboGears applications (OK, so there’s nothing turbogears specific here, you can do this anywhere, but I recommend you do it with you TG applications, because it’s the right kind of cool. The kind that makes users feel safer, and makes their lives a bit easier.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of adding cool javascript animations that look awesome, but don’t increase usability. Simple undo is the oposite of all that, it’s pure user friendly goodness, and more people ought to be doing it.

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  1. “anamaterions”?

  2. Thanks David,

    Sometimes I think I’d be better off not doing these quick one-off posts.


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