TurboGears2 Sprint Results

The last TurboGears 2 sprint and the following mad coding rush, resulted in lots of good stuff, both for Pylons, and TurboGears 2. Now we have a usable tg2 package, hopefully we’ll be able to create some docs, polish a few things up, and get ready for a tg2 technology preview release in the next few weeks.

Pylons gets TurboGears style controllers:

Pylons also has a controller that lets you return a dictionary from your controller objects to get a “TurbGears like” development experience within Pylons itself. Not only that, we’ve added a controller to Pylons that allows you to object dispatch within Pylons. You create a route to your controller’s route method, and pass the rest of the URL to there. These new controllers should bring the Pylons and TurboGears development experiences closer together all by themselves.

Improved code re-use in TurboGears2:

The changes in Pylons also made it possible for us to share code for even more components, including object dispatch, and the @expose decorator. So the latest version of TurboGears 2 relies on the latest development version of Pylons, and makes use all the new stuff we just added, dramatically reducing the amount in TurboGears2 and increasing our shared code.

The TurboGearsController went from a couple hundred lines of code to less than a half dozen. ;)

This opens up space to for the TurboGears2 project to focus on some improvements to the generated project template, and on building pluggable application components on top of the TG2 core. There are components already in the works for project documentation, automatic CRUD interfaces, and hopefully these will be joined by things like reusable user registration tools, blogs, web based forums, and a whole host of re-usable components.

Right now, TurboGears and has very little documentation — but things are moving forward quickly on the code side, and I’m very committed to documenting everything we do, and I’m really excited about the next sprint this weekend.

Upcomming Sprint, November 10

We should be able to improve the documentation, the tg2 test infrastructure, and test suite, and possibly make some progress on things like automatic transactions, and user authorization, etc. If you’re interested and available to help out stick your name on the wiki and come and join us either at Stanford, or virtually on IRC, and we’ll see how much we can get done.

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  1. Nice work! I’m glad to hear about this push forward!

  2. 2Max Ischenko

    Great news. Good luck with the sprint, I planned to participate but on November trip I’ll be on a family trip. ;(

  3. Hi,

    Although I have some coding experience I am now leaving that to other people. I am trying to work with a programmer here in Toronto and he has suggested TurboGears over Django or other platforms. I would like to try to help boost support for project and development thereof. If there is interest and it would help, I would like to sponsor or help sponsor a grouping of TG fans/coders here in Toronto during your next sprint. For those in Toronto, I am located near Yonge and Eglington. I could offer drinks, some food, internet access and area to collaborate. Would those of interest please contact me so that I can start to provision for it. For others who know potential participants, please encourage them to participate.

    Along the same lines but slightly different, would people be interested in a conference some time during the winter? I could organize location say in Florida or some place warm, with a group rate for rooms, conference rooms, a few gatherings etc. The goal would be to break even so cost would not be high. Alternately we could set a small goal to raise some money and then put it back into the project. I would look to group for guidance from group of how to spend money but personally I would like it towards coder/coordinator position for person to work under current project leaders to do what ever they feel would help advance the project.

    Interested in everyone’s feedback.


    Peter Bassel

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