Heard at work

We were discussing RuleDispatch

and how it determines which set of predicates are “more specific” and I asked, “is isinstance() more specific than hasattr()?” at which point Aaron Bickell asked an very interesting related question:

Are bowling balls more tasty than love?

Thus pointing out the absurdity of my original question. But now I want to know! Are bowling balls more tasty than love?

6 Responses to “Heard at work”

  1. 1Brian

    Is it one of those red bolling balls, with the swirls? That would make a difference.

  2. Well, when asking whether bolling balls are more specific than love there is probably an answer.

    Bolling balls being of course the concrete implementation (analogous to ‘hasattr’) and love being abstract (analogous to ‘isinstance’).

  3. 3Bob

    Do y’all mean bowling balls???

  4. Yea, damn quick blog-posting and bad spelling skills!

  5. 5Anonymous

    I think it’s pretty clear that bowling balls will taste like hands and oil. Love may have many flavors, but they all seem more tasty to me.

  6. Nothing is more tasty than love

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