What can you do in 600 lines of python?

Over on Coding Horror, Jeff Attword asks, what you can do in 600 lines of code? Apparently the first product from 37 signals had less than 600 lines of Ruby code. Apparently they didn’t count templates, CSS, or javascript, so that actually seems like a lot of code ;) I can think of a lot of little TurboGears apps that I’ve written in less than 600 lines of python code.

And I’m looking forward to DBSprockets because it will make it even easier to create TurboGears applications very, very quickly, by making it easy to create automatic (but customizable) CRUD interfaces for your SQLAlchemy model objects.

For me it’s not the 600 lines of code goal that’s interesting, it’s the ability to try out lots of little things quickly and see what sticks.

2 Responses to “What can you do in 600 lines of python?”

  1. What can you write in 48 lines of Python code? A web server with a web application ‘framework’. :-)

  2. I also wanted to mention that the primitive functions (which you are mentioning):


    will also work with TG1. In fact, as long as you are using SA, you can use DBSprockets.

    Now is the time on sprockets when we dance!


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