Some TurboGears Love

I just found this blog post about Paris Envies, and why Jon chose TurboGears for that project. I think we come out looking pretty good ;)

He was well aquanted with Ruby on Rails, and Django when he was introduced to TurboGears:

I was sceptical at first, being in love with Django at that time. TurboGears taught me a lot of things and without it I’m sure Paris Envies wouldn’t be where it is today.

His site is very cool and well designed:

This site is a great example of what you can do with TurboGears, since it makes use of lots of TG features and add-ons. Widgets, JSON support, the user Registration module, and lots of other components are used. And the great thing is that he’s been able to rapidly add new features, and has been very happy with the flexibility of the TurboGears framework.

I made the Paris Envies mobile website in two days, no more. This included tests, integration of the WURFL mobile phone database (to get screen sizes) and Google Maps Static (I was using Yahoo Static Maps first, but google ones are much better ;)).

All in all, I would say this seems like a ringing endorsement of TurboGears.

I can code really faster with TurboGears than with any other framework, but when I say faster, I mean it.

And of course all this was done with TurboGears 1, which is still viable, still competitive, and still very much supported. Sure we’re working hard on TurboGears 2 to provide many more industrial strength solutions, and to make getting started even easier. But we’re also committed to maintaining and growing the TurboGears 1 platform at the same time. Unlike some other web-frameworks out there, we’re not abandoning 1.0 in favor of 2.0. Sure, we’ll eventually phase out TG1 support when people don’t want it anymore — but that’s a long way off, and don’t think shafting existing users is a path towards future success.

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