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Well, it’s official now, I have a new job with Predictix, doing open source TurboGears and Python web dev stuff. Predictix is very much invested in helping the TurboGears community to grow and thrive, and I’m proud to be working with their team. And I’m even more excited about the fact that they want me to do work on TurboGears 2 as part of my “real job.”

One of my main goals when looking for this job was to make sure that whoever I worked for was committed to growing and takeing care of the TG development community. And I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Working for Predictix will help me to polish up the good work that’s already been done to get us to a TG2 beta release, and they already have a lot of fantastic stuff that they would like to open source, which I’m really excited about.

TG2 is moving forward like crazy. In the last three weeks, we’ve had two sprints, both of which had several people working on docs, and on adding the last few features needed for the beta, and cleaning up the show-stopper bugs in our ticket system.

I’m a bit burned out by all the activity, but at the same time I’m very excited about where we are going. I think 2008 is shaping up to be a really busy year for the TG dev team. I see my job in the very short term as creating some stability and consistancy in the midst of the firestorm of new development that’s going on. So, my highest priority right now is getting a stable beta release out the door, and helping us to move forward the docs so that anybody who wants to try out TG2 has a stable base to work on.

My plan will be to do releases about once a month for the rest of the year (or until we have a TG2 final release), because there’s a lot going on, and I want to make that stuff available to people as soon as possible.

6 Responses to “TG2 Status”

  1. 1Max Ischenko

    Congrats on new job!

  2. Congrats man! Glad to hear it.

    So what’s up with the Atlanta stuff? There a TG school down there I’ve been missing?

  3. 3Anton

    Mark, just a quick thank you for all the hard work you’ve* put into the TG project.

    It’s great the project continued to grow after Kevin stepped back, and really seems to be picking up steam now.

    * and to all the other hard working project contributors too (of course)

  4. Congratulations! I hope this means you will be hanging out at PyAtl once in a while, and coming to Atlanta more often.

  5. Congrats, Mark. it’s great that a company is willing to sponsor work on TG2. Keep up the good work!

  6. 6gasolin

    Congratulations, Mark!

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