Host TG on IIS

Here’s a quick note on how to use IIS to serve up your TurboGears applications. This is something we need to document better, if we want to increase python/turbogears penetration in the windows market.

It’s not like is so good that they don’t need TurboGears. And TurboGears multi-threaded+multiprocess model works better on windows than many of the other “dynamic language web-frameworks which depend solely on the multi-process model.

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  1. Yeah. This is something I’ve been trying to do for a while. I run my TG apps behind IIS using ISAPIRewrite by Helicon Tech. I have to get the paid version with the reverse proxy capability, but it’s worked pretty solid for me.

    I would much prefer the ISAPI WSGI method, but the way it’s written up in the link you provided, it’s very unclear on what the steps are. It assumes a lot of knowledge about setting up a WSGI environment. In the past, I’ve also run into problems with ISAPI WSGI not installing correctly under IIS 7 64-bit (which he mentions).

    If I actually manage to complete an installation, I intend to write up a how-to for non ISAPI/WSGI/TG gurus.

  2. Yea, the way I’ve done it in the past was with the enfold proxy:

    Which worked great for commercial projects. At PyCon I heard some rumors of an enfold sponsored wsgi plugin for IIS, but I have not seen any news on that yet. But I’m hoping.

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