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Compound Thinking is a Python Web development shop, and I’ve been spending some time recently thinking about how I can help our development team grow. One thing several people have expressed is a desire to work on some projects using newer stuff, like Pinax, or tg.ext.geo, we’ve also been doing quite a bit of dojo and some flex work, and would like to do more. And I know all of us are very interested in doing more Open Source work.

Compound Thinking has been able to provide affordable development prices by using a variety of high-talent developers in the US and around the world. And, I’d like to see if we can push forward some open source projects, while making our services even more affordable for customers who help us help the world.

So, here’s my proposed experiment:коли под наем

  • We will provide significant discounts for people with projects using the stuff the team wants to work on.
  • We will split the costs of any development work which is released under an OSI approved license, including parts of any project we do that can be refactored out into a reusable component.

In particular we want to:

  • we’ve got a lot of GIS/geo experience, and have done a lot of framework work in TurboGears to improve that story, but we need a larger TG+geo project that can showcase all this cool stuff.
  • After DjangoCon, I’m very interested in Pinax, and what all those reusable components bring to the table for Django, and so several of us are surprisingly eager to work on social networking style projects to explore that in more depth.
  • I’m interested in pushing TurboGears integration with javascript frameworks and dojo in particular, so heavily javascript oriented applications
  • I’m also interested in improving the e-commerce story for TurboGears and would love to open source some related tools. We’ve done this stuff a few times, and I’d love to do it one more time under an open source license so we can help future generations not to have to reinvent this particular wheel.

Beyond that, feel free to pitch us a project that has some open source components that we can release, and we’ll see if we can work up a deal to split the costs on those components.

If you’re interested in any of these ideas e-mail me ( let me know. And more importantly if you’ve tried any of these things and had good or bad experiences drop a comment here, because I’m very interested in figuring out how other consultancies expand their technical repertoire and push forward the free software agenda.

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  1. 1Chris

    This is a beautiful thing. I’m gathering a group together right now that’s interested in social networking software for a number of applications, including a “social networking for social good” site.

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