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Ann Arbor ArbCamp Registration open again

I’ve been very, very busy trying to get TurboGears 2 beta 1 ready to go, as well as a few other interesting projects, and had neglected to blog about a ArbCamp before, then it was sold-out, and I didn’t blog about it because I didn’t want to raise people’s hopes only to have then dashed upon the rocks. But, we’ve secured a new venue, so ArbCamp registration is now Un-Sold-Out. It’s UnSold because it’s free, and it’s un-Sold-Out because we can now fit everybody in. We had over 160 people registered and on the wait-list, but could only let 100 people in. Now we have space for 200, so those on the wait-list and those who didn’t sign up in time have a second chance.

ArbCamp will be tomorrow night, in the upstairs of the downtown Cottage Inn’s, so this is kind of last minute, but I think it’ll be a very cool event. It’s an UnConference, and people will be self-organizing a variety of sessions, and the possibilities are endless.