TurboGears 2 tutorials at PyCon

This year at PyCon we’ll be using turbogears 2.0 final in the beginning and intermediate TG tutorials, and there’s lots of great stuff to cover:

* A new “admin” system
* New REST support in controllers
* Improved automatic form generation via sprox
* Built in user/groups/permissions system

This year’s tutorial will be much more interactive than last, and will be focused on TurboGears more narrowly than last year when we did TG2+Pylons. We’ll be covering lots of stuff that can be used in Pylons, but since TG2 configures all this for us, we’ll be doing it the TG2 way.

In addition to the beginning and intermediate TG tutorials, there will also be a full day of SQLAlchemy tutorials, and a ToscaWidgets tutorial.

If you really want to maximize your learning experience, I’d recommend this list of tutorials:

If you haven’t used SQLAlchemy before and want more introduction than the TG tutorials provide, you might want to switch out the ToscaWidgets tutorial for the Introduction to SQLAlchemy.

And if you really want to maximize your TG experience, there will be a couple of TG experts that will work with you on some open source TurboGears applications at the sprints after the conference. I think working with the core TG team on real application code is a great way to round out the Tutorials and maximizing your learning.

This is an incredibly great two day learning experience at an incredible price. I’m really excited about how much PyCon in general and the tutorials specifically have to offer TurboGears users this year. I think the two full days TG related tutorial, opens up the possibility go go into much greater depth, and when coupled with the sprints, provides a great way to learn more about turbogears.

2 Responses to “TurboGears 2 tutorials at PyCon”

  1. 1demugger

    Hello Mark,
    i am still mostly an asp.net guy but i am quite courious about python and based on the video of your talk at the django conf last year also about TG.

    Are the tutorials going to be recorded so that we folks abroad can watch them later?

    This is one of the things where ms is quite good and open (http://videos.visitmix.com/) and i would love to see something similar for the PyCon.

  2. 2demugger

    Those who can read have a clear advantage: http://us.pycon.org/2009/tutorials/release/


    P.S.: I am happy if you delete my comment.

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