Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

St. Louis, Missouri (March 28, 2018)- The People’s Counsel has some of the best criminal defense lawyers in the St. Louis area. Charles Barberio and his partner Thomas Schmitz have a record of “Not Guilty” verdicts in all types of criminal defense cases.

Some of the practice areas they have expertise in would be:

-Drug Charges: Ranging from possession to distribution

-Violent Crimes: Anything such as armed criminal action to murder

-Murder: 1st and 2nd-degree murder as well as manslaughter charges

-Assault Charges: Misdemeanor assault, felony assault, and armed criminal action

-DUI/DWI: Avoiding license suspension, fines, and jail time

-Driver’s License Reinstatement: Driver’s license reinstated and driving privileges restored

-Burglary: 1st and 2nd-degree burglary charges, as well as being in possession of tools used for a burglary

-Stealing: Charges will be determined by the value of the goods, but they help to limit these sentences as much as possible

-Other Federal Crimes: They are available to assist in any types of federal crimes

The People’s Counsel has seen it all and can help in pretty much any criminal related case. They can assist in small misdemeanor charges, as well as serious felony charges. They have a proven track record of winning cases and delivering justice for their clients. These skilled lawyers can negotiate the most favorable plea bargains if that is what is best for the client. They offer free consultations to clients interested in being aided through this difficult time.

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