Mark\'s photoI (Mark Ramm) started Compound Thinking in 2007 because I’d found a bunch of people who had a mission to change the software development world.

An amazingly large number of projects fail, easily 80% don’t meet budgietary and timeline goals, and even more are not accepted by users, or don’t meet an important need. And I don’t think that’s the way things should be.

A couple of years before starting the company, I started a blog, and in my very first blog post I said:

The reality is that most projects have a better chance of success if even one person consistently makes the right choices. Whole projects can be saved from failure by a single project team member gently but effectively confronting her manger about an unrealistic timeline, or presenting the project team with a simple bullet point list of the 10 most significant risks the project faces.

There are critical moments in every project that can spell success or failure, and the only reason any of our projects ever succeed is that someone knew what to do and took the initiative to make it happen.

Compound Thinking is all about learning how to be that person. The one who knows the right thing to do, the right time to do it, and has the courage to just do it.

At that point Compound Thinking was just a blog, just an idea. But over time I discovered that we needed to show people success to prove that it was possible. So, I created the company in order prove that we could do successful projects and do them reliably.

Since in 2007, I was deeply involved in the dynamic web framework world, as were the people working with me, we decided to focus our efforts and to provide support, consulting services, and outsourced development for companies who are using dynamic web frameworks to create applications.

Success in a Dynamic World

We are entering a new wave of web development productivity, powered by fantastic new web frameworks like TurboGears, Rails and Django, and by client side javascript frameworks like Jquery, ext.js and Dojo. And I want to help bring these game changing technologies out of the margins into the mainstream development shops that have been dominated by java and .NET tools.

In our first year we’ve had the privilege of working for small startups, large universities, nonprofits, government organizations, and fortune 100 companies. I was actually overwhelmed by the volume of work, that we received, and ended up gathering together a team of people all around the world who were interested in the same desire to be a part of the web development revolution. So, now Compound Thinking isn’t just me, it’s a whole team of people with specializaitons in everything from ext.js and visual design, to TurboGears, Django and Rails.

But more than the technical skills we bring to the table, we bring the personal skills to have hard conversations, to uncover the real value, and to help turn projects from a series of tasks to be done into a series of successes to be celebrated.

Given the incredible success we’ve had so far, I’m very excited to see what the future has in store for us.

–Mark Ramm

Contact information:

Address: 9747 Mulberry, Ypsilanti MI 48198
Phone: 734-218-1178
Mark’s e-mail: mark@compoundthinking.com
Sales: sales@compoundthinking.com
Finance: finance@compoundthinking.com

Client Recommendations:

Mark and his team delivered great results under tough time constraints — all while Mark was sick! I would absolutely work with Mark again. His deep knowledge of TurboGears and its components was hugely valuable, and improved our product tremendously in a very short timeframe.

–Ansel Halliburton (Stanford University)